Welcome to Angelcraft Crown Geo-Science Aerospace Foundation everything begings at JC Angelcraft

everything begins at JC Angelcraft   http://jcangelcraft.wordpress.com™ Angelcraft Crown GEO-SCIENCE AND AEROSPACE FOUNDATION

Welcome to Angelcraft Crown Geo-Science Aerospace Foundation everything begins at JC Angelcraft

  1.  Our mission is to serve God, serve our royal citizens, serve our royals and serve our world to save lives and improve economic  efficiency and fund all aerospace, weather and our scientific operations research and development necessary for our collective purposes around the planet. 
  2. It is important to care about each other and so it is understood that by serving each other we serve the most High.
  3. Our vision and what We Hope to achieve is to be a friend to the world .
  4. We do no solicite for donations nor provide bank account information.  But we do appreciate your prayers,

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everything begins at JC Angelcraft   http://jcangelcraft.wordpress.com


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The Eden project has been taken over by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s)

The Eden Project Panaramic View - Funded by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s) a Holy Spirit Philanthropy Conglomerate
The Eden Project Panaramic View – Funded by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s) a Holy Spirit Philanthropy Conglomerate

“We are a part of nature not apart from nature” Sir Tim Smit Knighted by His Royal Highness Jose Maria Chavira MS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT by faith on October 10th 2015

The Eden project has been taken over as a viable project that with time we hope will be more than self sustainable but much more profitable and more purposeful.

In the works are Eden Geobotany and Geobiological Amusement parks and research labs formally private and now under the crontrol of the Crown Corporation, ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation both under the auspices and ownership of God’s Holy Spirit and the son of God His Royal Highnes Votre Altesse Jose Maria Chavira MS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT 


Already proposed is a giant Mars closed system Dome atmosphere where scientist will do their best first to emulate the atmosphere of mars by pumping in gases possibly with a large array of plants and Ficus trees already bearing oxygen and mature before closing the dome and pumping in Gas.  There will of be of course no harm to the public who can view it on flat screen where cameras and equipment will analyze the health of trees, weeds, fruits and vegetables that are growing.  the atmosphere will try to reflect a dominant Carbon Dioxide atmosphere from the plants to breath and produce oxygen.

Seeding mars atmosphere to reflect the same would be a step toward a perfect emulation of an Earth atmosphere that is expected to stratify in layers similar to earth with time and by the efforts of praying saints and scientists as well.

Atmosphere layers are gases and compounds that stratify themselves by the nature of their complexity, and volume as well as mass (weight) in the area they circumnavigate and are subject to gravitational forces as well.

We have learned that gravity has little to to with a planets daily rotation as Mars and Earth share a similar rotational period though it takes Mars approximately twice as long to orbit the sun and as such one can expect with its light atmosphere to allow in much more radioactive heat than the earth and its average surface temperature though being  farther away much higher than one would expect despite its distance from the sun.

Mars has an orbit with a semimajor axis of 1.524 astronomical units (228 million kilometers), and an eccentricity of 0.0934.  Mars orbits the Sun in 687 days and travels 9.55 AU in doing so, making the average orbital speed 24 km/s.

Mars rotational period a Mars “day”.  Earth’s day (or rotational period) is exactly 23.9345 hours (or, 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.2 seconds). Mars takes just a little longer, at 24.6229 hours.

What we know about Mars is little but the close we get and better instrumentation we get the more geological of osurvey we will attain.  

We have concluded and theorized based on availble information gathered by scientist thus far that Mars has a thin or limited atmosphere.  We believe that Mars atmosphere to be inadequate to support life as we know it, but have yet to seriously experiment by planting trees in its soil near or adjacent to the polar caps.

The atmosphere on Mars has been described as dusty little explination given of possible winds on mars generated by its rotational orbit or the dust generated by the small wheels of the rover that would naturely stay in the air much longer than average after the rover has stopped with cameras still going.   However I am sure its been speculated or proposed.

Giant dust storms have been said to blanket the entire planet and last for months, but Nasa footage of an actual dust storm is short in comming.

Compared to Earth Mars atmosphere at the surface level is about 100 times thinner than Earth’s, and it is 95 percent carbon dioxide.

Stanford Universty Post Graduate Document LNEAIII-GonzalezG (1)

The specifics of Mars stratospheric makeup at the surface level:

  1. Carbon dioxide: 95.32 percent
  2. Nitrogen: 2.7 percent
  3. Argon: 1.6 percent
  4. Oxygen: 0.13 percent
  5. Carbon monoxide: 0.08 percent
  6. Also, minor amounts of: water, nitrogen oxide, neon, hydrogen-deuterium-oxygen, krypton and xenon

Climate and weather

Despite my theoretical views on greater exposure to the sun and thinner atmosphere equals greater are based on principles of earths orbit.  When earth is much farther away from the sun during our summer season heat and temperatures rise and is colder when we are closer to the sun.

Yet very limited Geological survey information wrongly generalizes Mar’s temperature at about minus 80 degrees F (minus 60 degrees C), although it can vary from minus 195 degrees F (minus 125 degrees C) near the poles during the winter to as much as a comfortable 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) at midday near the equator.

The Eden Project

The Eden Project (Cornish: Edenva) is a now a  Crown Scientific World Heritage site and tourist attraction in Cornwall, England in the United Kingdom.  Cornwall is a small township in england and known to be a copper mining area and an old british fisherman’s lair with a certain air of sea romance attached to it and famous paintings of its port are known to bless museums and copies of the paintings dwell inside many people’s homes.

Inside the geodesic biomes are plants collected from all around the world. The project is located in a reclaimed Kaolinite pit, located 2 km (1.2 mi) from the town of St Blazey and 5 kilometres (3 mi) from the larger town of St Austell, Cornwall.

The complex is dominated by two huge enclosures consisting of adjoining domes that house thousands of plant species, and each enclosure emulates a natural biome. The domes consist of hundreds of hexagonal and pentagonal, inflated, plastic cells supported by steel frames. The first dome simulates a tropical environment, and the second a Mediterranean environment.

The name Eden Project stems from the 1994 TV series Earth 2.

The eden project dates from 1995.  The project was conceived formally in 1998 by Tim Smit and designed by architect Nicholas Grimshaw and the engineering firm of  Anthony Hunt and Associates (now part of Sinclair Knight Merz).

Davis Langdon carried out the project management, Sir Robert McAlpine and Alfred McAlpine  contracted the construction through MERO who designed and built the geodesic biomes, and Arup was the services engineer, economic consultant, environmental engineer and transportation engineer. Land use consultants led the master plan and landscape design. The project took 2½ years to construct and opened to the public on 17 March 2001.

Thus having simulated a tropical environment, and a Mediterranean environment. Scientists are well adept to the science of adapting to very different atmospheric climates to domes, a Mars climate should be a slam dunk and much easier to facilitate and of course further away from the tourist area with a state of art science factory to generate compressed gases into a prepared area that simulates Martian dirt and dust as best as possible and the simulation of a slow polar melting of ice and different forms of vegetation and arboreal matured trees planted as best as possible even secured with artificial means untill the soil takes un water from a melted giant ice-block nearby that represents a portion of the polar cap,

Theoretical Paleontology of our past and botany will serve much in helping scientist to ascertain cold weather growth as a possibility much like pines and Ficus that grow on higher altitudes and even survive during winters, but not at Mars temperatures as stated.

Thus some biogenetic work to create a species of tree that is adaptable to harsher climates may be a necessity.  The study botany at higher altitudes will let us know much about what is possible and changing the temperature of the surface a challenge that met with prayer, can be a possibility.

In my book are very few obstacles if any that cannot be overcome with hard science, faith and prayer and a lot of testing and theory to go along with it.  Interested university students and Phd’s in various disciplines will be expected to brainstorm this with prayer if they expect any sort of breakthroughs, new ideas and never before expected reaction of compounds during the experimentation process.

Adding water to a Martian Equator dome is also a possibility once evaporation of polar ice or access to a polar ocean is trenched down to the equator like a river once melted.

Evidence of great rivers once carving the martian surface have already been documented.

references and more information on the Eden Project and Mars




Inspired by God’s Holy Spirit The Roundhouse is an old british building with a deep rich history and intertwined with the Eden Project.  Roundhous Eden Project Video Credits Architects DBA John McAslan & Partners.

Legal information The Eden Project and the Roundhouse are now an Angelcraft Crown Scientific World Heritage site. The Eden Project and the Roundhouse are now funded by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s). The Eden Project and the Roundhouse are the property of God’s Holy Spirit and Jose Maria Chavira for reasons of perfect and fair attribution of resources and pumping more capital into the concept and diversifying it for each nation.  The Eden project is to be turned over to parties or round tables not yet named after the death of His Royal Highness Jose Maria Chavira expected to reincarnate.   The Eden project will forever after the death of its owner be Holy Spirit guided projects independent of each other and always private managed by good people or a good person with qualities similar to its current owner wanting only the best for the people and keep God at the forefront of people’s minds in the project.  Its takeover includes all aspects and legal claims of its architects and contractors that are considered within the new legal framework by Angelcraft Crown Law Firm Barristers despite the releasing any rights to the original legal entity(s), by contractors and subcontractors to secure future relations and expansion of this potential Natural Dream park that could be much more lucrative than it is and the benefits going toward scholarships and higher salaries for workers and scientists as well as profits to the new owners for similar projects in other parts of the world to create a network of experimental compounds that are safe for tourists and may possibly be underwritten as perpetual safeguards for any Act of God where these domes could be assembled quickly for the safety of the human race, should anything occur in our atmosphere that is proven to cause unexplained radioactive sicknesses in the human race such as cancer.  May God hear our prayers to hep us keep our environment stable and our politics and media free of:  lies, wars, rumors of wars and human sacrifices



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All Ice Core Research is funded by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s)


All Ice Core Research is funded by ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s)

Legal Information: All The Worlds former national and private scientific laboratories from every nation have been privatized by the Crown Corporation and Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation. Like each Theocracies new space program, Each Theocracy’s former national laboratories are now under the auspices and funding of God’s Holy Spirit and Votre Altesse Jose Maria Chavira M.S. – Adagio I – and the worlds New and surviving Leading Theocratic Scientists and Research assistants and personal via ™AGEO Angelcraft Crown GEO-Science and aerospace Foundation(s)

references: (AU)™Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation http://angelcraftcrownaerospacecorporation.wordpress.com/ageo-angelcraft-crown-geo-scence-and-aerspace-foundations/

National Ice Core Laboratory
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Authorized by God’s Holy Spirit and Votre Altesse Principe Jose Maria Chavira -Adagio I – (Full Divine Name) JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

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Sunday August 10th 2014 Education, Careers, Internships – Deutsche Bank Highlights 2013.

The world is changing second by second.  It’s no longer who your Mason contact is, but what kind of qualifications, experiences, honesty, and character you have.

Looks are important in certain careers, but not imperative and where looks are important such as in Fashion or Public Relations  we always have an important Job for people who are not the best looking.  Nevertheless,  we have some employees that will surprise you with their grace, charm and style.

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